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Worldbuilding is a journey with over a 1000 possibilities,
let us be your guide throughout the process.

Senjukobo is a design studio specializing in the creation of concept art,
background art, and 3D mockup models for the games industry.
Our talented artists will work with you to create the highest quality concepts
and designs helping you to build whole worlds from the ground up.

Senjukobo's News

“Here are the students and teachers from India University came to visit our company in March. Although it was a rainy day, it was wonderful to see them all the way from America. 

The presentations of several students were also well done, and the teachers were always encouraging and supported the students in positive manner. I was impressed by how dedicated they were. It would be honoured if I could contribute something for their future“

The event will be held at the Nasu-Shiobara City Exchange Center "Kururu".
November 23, 2023 (Holiday)
The meeting was successfully closed.

Senju Kobo will be holding a course aimed primarily at junior high and high school students to learn about the anime and game industry.

For inquiries and applications, please call 0287-73-5597
6-32 Honmachi, Nasu-Shiobara City
Nasu-Shiobara City Exchange Center “Kururu”

ʻOhana100, the Daniel Kahikina Akaka Family Foundation
The Inaugural Benefit Event
Monday, September 11, 2023
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Senju Kobo Co., Ltd. supports the activities of ``Ohana 100'' and produced a picture book and video titled ``A beach day with PA.''
David Mattson , Elizabeth , Brady Evans(Illustlator) , Ayumi Sugimoto & Shinichi Sugimoto(Senju Kobo)

Senjukobo's recent activities 

✔︎ TV series
LinkIcon "Onimai: I'm Now Your Sister! ": Art Setting, Art Board, and background art board director.

✔︎ Digital commercial for an architectural manufacturer.

✔︎ Concept art for a large-scale app game (we have been working on for over 5 years now).

✔︎ Art setting and Art board for the novel game "UsoNatsu The Summer Romance Bloomed From A Lie".

Here are the images approved to publish by LYCORIS, the developer of LinkIcon "UsoNatsu The Summer Romance Bloomed From A Lie".
This is scheduled to be published this summer!

These are only the backgrounds of the final stage.
The actual work process is introduced on our Instagram stories.

Please come and see us on Instagram.
Senjukobo Co., Ltd


summer love begins with a lie by LYCORIS

A Brief history of the representative

Although I aspired to become an animator since my youthful days, my strict parents who were part of the educational system strongly opposed to this. I entered a preparatory school for art, and although I couldn't make it to art school, I convinced my parents so I could work at an animation studio, where I learned from scratch all about producing animation.
At that time, one of my senior coworkers praised me on how precise and detailed my background art of a cliff I was drawing at the time was, which is what inspired me to move in the direction of background and set piece artwork rather than character animation.
After leaving that studio, I was hired at Nippon Animation as a background artist.
Around this time I got married and had my first child, and moved to Hawaii as my husband was hired at Squaresoft (currently Square Enix), where I was also hired to work as a background artist. I began working on digital background here for the first time.
Although I left squaresoft and returned to Japan to care for my son's epilepsy, I had the opportunity to work on background art for videogames such as Final Fantasy 9 & 10, Kingdom Hearts and others.
At this time I returned to my mother's home town of Aidsu to begin freelance work. I mostly worked on TV animation series. I was able to personally make connections with animation studios and overseas outsourcing studios. After my son's recovery in 4 years, I parted ways with my husband and moved to Tokyo.
In Tokyo I worked as an art director for TV animations while training new employees at AIC studios, as well as teaching part time at Japan Electronics College.

I learned how to teach for the first time while I was here.
I returned to working on background art for animations and video games about 5 years ago. At this time I started up my own studio, Senjyu Kobo.

At first we took any sort of jobs, no matter how cheap, so I could pay my staff a fixed salary. But as time went by, we only got more and more exhausted, and we had nothing to gain.I talked together with my staff, and decided on changing to a "paid by the piece" system, so we could focus on raising the quality of our work. This took place in 2014, as well as Senjyu Kobo becoming a corporation.
Today Senjyu Kobo is comprised of 5 core staff members including myself. Together with other freelancers who like our work style, we keep busy producing high quality work on a daily basis.
As I was an idea giver to begin with, we gradually made the shift to a business style of providing our clients with concepts and ideas. We now work under the policy of "Staying with our clients to the very end = until the expressive work they've visualized has taken shape," and help our clients with any worries or concerns pertaining to their piece.

Ayumi Sugimoto


Senju Kobo Co.,Ltd.
〒104-0061 5F Ginza fugetsudou building, 6-6-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo